#BlackLivesMatter #BrightYoungLives

This is for my brothers and my sisters full of ideas, creativity, and passion. This is for those young black lives, the eighteen and nineteen year olds trying to make it to graduation or college orientation. For the bright young lives, yes, those bright young lives being taken in the street all from a claim of self-defense. Because now it seems that they can’t be seen walking down the street with a hoodie on their heads because the color of their skin makes the “white man” scared. Then when these lives are taken and these families are shattered you have the audacity to tell us that Black Lives Matter, and proceed to give any pre-written apology and empty “I’m sorry” that you think will satisfy the media and hell even cover your ass. Then tell us that these events have nothing to do with race. Go ahead and tell us these young lives aren’t being taken because they are black and that the people who take them aren’t doing it purposely. Please proceed to tell us how these are just accidental and that fear of our skin color doesn’t cross your mental. Then excuse me while I laugh cause your privilege is showing.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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