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School is for the fun Science, math and history School is for the young
Each day I
Everything that I have ever known is a lie. You don't realize it till someone say it in your face. I was living a life of sin. You take a step back and re-evaluate your whole life.
Because you said I couldn’t wear my long hair down. I stomped into daycare, Threw my bands on the ground.
Music has become, Pop culture, but to some, It is the blood Flowing through their veins. My music is, To me, Everything I am.  You see,  I need music to survive.
They could've been heroes Yet you make them into zeroes Machines of Self-Fullfilling Prophecies Causing nothing but tragedies Youths full of hope Suspended from school gleefully to sell dope
You know that moment between t
I AM COMPETITIVE AND FOCUSED I wonder what college athletics is like I hear ankles crack becuase the dude got crossed I see a "Gold" Ball
Words Are a powerful thing. Many can’t control it Many can’t comprehend the power words have on their lives, On other people’s lives. Words. One slip of the tongue,
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