Music has become,

Pop culture, but to some,

It is the blood

Flowing through their veins.

My music is,

To me,

Everything I am. 

You see, 

I need music to survive.

It keeps me happy, 

So alive. 

Music makes,

My world go round,

When I sing it, 

Hear it's sound. 

I dream,

To make my music known,

To sing my words,

I'm not alone. 

I need so much,

To get me there,

Support and love,

From everywhere. 

I have these talents,

Unsung, unheard,

I feel caged, 

A flightless bird. 

I need some help,

To sing my song,

The education,

Won't take long.

It's too expensive,

To even live.

To let me sing,

We have to give. 






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