Teen suicide

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Those were the words I thought of as I sat in a warm bath hoping just hoping that that would fix me it was 9:18 when I smelled like an obituitary it was 9:22 when I relized that I don't smell like one i am one
“The person in whom… invisible agony reaches a certain unendurable level will kill herself the same way a trapped person will eventually jump from the window of a burning high rise.  Make no mistake about people who leap from burning win
               "Final thoughts"  With the my hours reaching their lastI prepare to end this life with a blastNot a blast in which refers toA joyous afternoon in the park with my familyMore in reference towardsTaking a 9mm straight to my cranium an
4 out of 5 teens who attempted suicide have given clear warning How many do you think have died this morning? With their mental suffocation, detrimental frustration, judgmental conscience pushing towards their isolation...
She woke each morning with a sigh and a moan She looked through her eyes to the cloudy skies and saw somehow that the sun still shone.
The mother stands at her child's funeral thinking: I will never see her grow older Never see her smile again Never hug her again Never talk to her again Never hear her laugh again Never comfort her again
It strikes midnight, and I’m home alone My parents have yet to return from work Paranoia kicks in, and as I turn to stone I hear a voice and slow footsteps lurk
This world is so meaningless I just want to die I want to erase my life because its all just a lie People come and people go but they will never know
When he was nine, he wrote a poem on construction paper and he called it “Puppies” because that’s what it was all about. And his teacher gave him an A and a star-shaped sticker and his mom hung it
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