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What could be is what can't be. Acting is a dream that i crave To be able to give the gift of laughter To be able to bring happiness or sorrow To be an escape for those who dislike their reality
Its a job to do the bible said to meyou either work now are you will never be free Working to get to heaven is a job for eternityIt's a job to do the bible said to me
I am fawless
Ink Black veins pulsing through ivory sheith Giving life to souls imagined Beating rythm into hills and rivers Ink The lifegiver for imagination The breath of creativity   To refine
Work is work I do my best with a smirk. I work to be a culinary clerk Someone who isn't a jerk. A baker by day An artist I would say. I'm a dreamer forever and always.
Some call it a hobby, a pass time, a distraction From life, a world that you can create to escape your own, I call it a break from reality when life gets rough, A break from stress and the pain
I always figured i was nobody but i didn't expect you to point it out too.  I always figured i was nobody but who are you. I always figured i was nobody but now i have other nobodies too.
I dream of children learing the speak. I dream of a world of communication I dream of being a speech therapist I dream of changing the world
A job that can transform me is not a job at all. A job is what people have to get by. I don't want to just get by, feel all high and mighty when really it's so hard I'm ready to die. No, I don't have a dream job. I have a dream though.
What do thee see in the world arou
Everyone has spices in their life But do I have some? I act grown-up practically every moment I have I may need to add few more cups of being a kid That’s my life recipe Everyone has their own recipe for life
One Job Could Change My Life......But that one job could also change yours,do you have a family member so sick it gets on your nerves,you don't know what to do,
Red Carpets, traveling, inspiration, and clothing.....All the percts of being a fashion designer. FASHION is me! I love every ounce of it.
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