My so called hobby

Some call it a hobby, a pass time, a distraction

From life, a world that you can create to escape your own,

I call it a break from reality when life gets rough,

A break from stress and the pain

When the real world just isn’t enough

From pencil to charcoal to paint to pen

It’s a world I create to help save myself,

When a new or old wound opens tearing me apart.

“You’re wasting your time, those doodles mean nothing”

Scream the voices who don’t understand

But to me those “doodles” are a master piece, a dream on paper

They may not mean much to you in your world

But they managed to save mine.

“You’ll get nowhere in life drawing” they taunt,

But how wrong are they when we live in a world

Who wants, no needs other than words to read

However my passion lays behind skyscrapers, houses and bridges

To leave a part of me everywhere I go,
New York, L.A, Seattle, maybe even Vegas who knows?

This career has kept me dreaming even alive  

It’s kept a fire burning in me to escape a town

That expects me to be a house wife to depend

On a husbands who barely makes the minimum

Because he was too scared to chase his dream

I refuse to stay and follow this path.

My so called hobby, my so called pass time

This distraction from life is going to help me escape

A life already drawn out for me and help me

Live a life I have to create instead.



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