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Can I have your attention please ?   Hi I’m depression  I hold your undivided focus  I alter your emotions 
There is nothing above me but white and blue
​Sleep my child and awaken a king... Sleep my child
Faith has kept me strong
A child grown up in a world of woes,  At times it filters from her head to her toes, But this girl--is not on her own- Swept from emotion to emotion along the coast she travel, In a world of misunderstanding and suspicion she walks, But she tries
We all live within the pursuit of hhappiness/ Waiting a fine line between poverty & calamity/ Looking through a blind success, pick your poison as we fall through Amity/
As going into the tunnels of oblivion it's either kill or be killed It seem as if the snow starts to fall just as the sky does we run for the safety of our pack their have been 
Fight on, my friend,
A stencil does not
Still I RiseYou may write me down in historyWith your bitter, twisted liesBut I know the man I really wasAnd he’s different from your hateful criesMy life was filled with wonder
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