Pursuit of Happiness


United States
43° 5' 59.7516" N, 89° 18' 30.4596" W

We all live within the pursuit of hhappiness/
Waiting a fine line between poverty & calamity/
Looking through a blind success, pick your poison as we fall through Amity/
Because we feel stuck in this stress, love gone, popping a bottle of gin seems like sanity/
Popping anti hallucinogen before my body starts bruising again, mentality attacking me/
I can't lose hope, pain builds character, therefore I must be strong/
This pen is more of a medication to me than a pill dissolving all these hallucinations/
Voices have only become my friend, and visions motivate my strengths dedication/
Hard work and dedication, retaliation against all that throws us down/
Patience is rewarded with the happiness we have pursuit, diamonds in our crown/
Each sacrifice only builds you, what doesn't kill you drills through as a lesson/
Blessings come with patience/
Mountains move nations with faith in God's presence/
What's your vision of success?/
Work sucks, too much stress and anxiety/
Give your future patience, happiness comes with the prize you see/


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