Eyes Open


A child grown up in a world of woes,  At times it filters from her head to her toes, But this girl--is not on her own- Swept from emotion to emotion along the coast she travel, In a world of misunderstanding and suspicion she walks, But she tries to move forward at all costs, She struggles to ignore the banter amd temptations around her, But they always come bact to hunt her- always, I've seen the way she looks at others, wanting their happiness, And I understand better than anyone else that she is alone, but chwwe up buttercup, the world is not so strange, Your friends see your sadness and won't turn away, The darkness can't get you, in light you will find- That the best of things surrond you all the time, Through your best times and your worse your still the same, And remember little girl, you can win this game!But cheer up buttercup, their are others aorund you whp 


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