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Society has programmed us... undesirable, Imprinting in our brains over and over what we should strive to be. We believe that in order to be acceptable ,
Be skinny But not too skinny No man likes to hold a twig   Have curves No, not there Only in the hips What do you mean you can't control where your body fat goes?  
FAT, TUBBY, BIG, CHUBBY, SLOPPY, GROSS, SMELLY All depictions of a full woman portrayed upon the television of society Blinded by our true beauty, so let me regulate for a moment
She was beauty her curves were delicious the way her clothes stuck to her skin whispering to them She walked with a dropped head she didn't know every step she took She left the room breathless
What would you change if you had the power? Give money to the poor, Save those in their last hour?
What is beauty? To society now-a-days it’s a number on a scale, a pants size, a model face A perfect smile, A skinny waist, a beautiful dress made of lace So superficial it is, that we let beauty be this
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