Body types

She was beauty

her curves were delicious

the way her clothes stuck to her skin

whispering to them

She walked with a dropped head

she didn't know

every step she took

She left the room breathless

Oh wow i wish

I had confidence like her

He was charming

His jokes were entertaining

His laugh was the height of the joke

He never had alot of it anyway

Oh how I wish

I was charming like him

She was handsome

Hair dyes and Hair Cuts

Letting her shirt

Drift over her breast

Making her voice deep

Changing her look

For the last time

Oh how I wish I could be free like Him

He was quiet

They didn't believe him

when he said he couldn't eat

 They said He wasn't a man

He cried

unlike a "man"

Oh how i wish I could remind them

how they all

were.. beautiful






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