One Job... May Change My Life

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I'm here, I feel the air fill my lungs my voice fills the stadium where he stood.
I will write my dream upon a white sheet With lyrical lines and melodic notes. My heart will be lost within its mad beat, Bursting into the song that I had wrote.   I will sing my dream upon open stage
To every single thought, burning desireThat prevails in eachBoth the quiet and loud, sound of fireTo complete what has been born.
The Office is bright and inviting. What lies beneath that however, Could be quite enticing. The Office is where secrets are kept away forever, But pay no mind to the ominous endeavors.  
Nature. It surrouds us. With its leaves, soft petals, and twisting vines it produces a never-ending beauty. It helps us relax. It helps us grow. It helps us
Lost in a deep hole. Not knowing where to look or whom to turn to. I would take a stroll like others who don't know how they came to be. Seeking a chance to be forgiven, to be given the opportunity to be whole.
The most loving people in the world: children The ugliest, deadliest, and most painful disease: cancer So why is it that pediatric oncologists even exist? Because cancer in children is a legitimate thing
Class, open your notebooks, we are going on an adventure to places in the past.. Our journey will take us to war, civil, unjust, Napoleonic, world, quasi, and cold. We will witness great nations rise up, prosper, civilize, and fold.
One job may change my life What a crazy concept I'll come home every night Knowing I've made an impact I dream to encourage others I want them to be able to talk to someone before making irrational choices
Drill! Drill! Spray! Spray! I love helping the teeth. Such great treatment, such great care. Open wide!  I will help you! Fix your teeth, fix your confidence! Drill! Drill! Spray! Spray!
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