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Life was coming to see you on weekends When nights turned into dew drops on your car When the sun seemed to rise before we had the chance to say goodbye to the moon.   I miss the days of aimless wandering
honey-brown skin   glistens like liquid gold   and pours into my open mouth.   i drink up as if i've been parched for years.   but this flavor could never compare  
    we are not the same, but we do belong.  where we may not align, we fit.  we squeeze and stretch into one another.
I just want someone to love me for who I really am. Handle me with my snort laughs, and my obnoxiously dark sense of humor. Hold me close when I’m anxiety ridden and full of pain.
Will you still be here, when my fingers fall to pieces? Broken glass beneath my toes, a reminder of my own fate. Will you still listen, when the words mean nothing?
It’s been the dry season 
Your hands draw music from the mute. Whimpers and near silent prayers, murmurs from below bubble and spill. Waves crash and the melody swells from a once silent body.
His tongue tastes of wine I feel childhood memories on his spine. His eyes shimmer like the sea I know why he has that scar on his knee. His lips taste like cherries I watch him devour some Ben & Jerry's.
Because I love you  I became a better me  How can I love you properly  If I don't take care of myself Because I love you  I prayed for you  So your spirit may be strong 
It's in the warmth of your hands and gentleness of your embrace that I take my home. What I've found in you is delicate and sincere, that cannot be found in any other.
I tell you all my secrets Without expecting yours in return Every night when I can’t sleep Your peaceful face helps me relax Although I need constant control You take the reins and I lean back I let go
To be seen through the thickest glass. To know you are heard by not one but two ears. To lean on someone who you think of as your other half.  To look in their eyes and see your whole life ahead of you.
There is a piece of you that lives inside me. I know it is there because I can feel it Along the ridges of my spine
I was wandering alone Weak, wobbly, withering I was surrounded by blankness Bleak, black barren - You found me Fateful, faithful You pulled me up Peaceful, patient -
I often wonder what you think, Do I love you enough for the both of us? Or am I just a burden causing you to sink? Heaven knows I only want the best for us.
Sitting in the car attached to the cart while grocery shopping with your mother Being carried from the couch to your bed by your father after you've accidently fallen asleep watching The Little Mermaid again
All I needIf I am aloneIs my other halfMy one and own For with himI have everythingThat I will ever wantand that's all I need.
To say I need a person  is something I do not like to do. To say I need anything is hard for me to do.   People come and go more times than I can count. Despite pushing you away,
Thank you. You changed my entire life with a simple smile. You bring me happiness and gratitude, and make me into a better women everyday.   Thank you.
Knots tied tightly forever, In love we'll walk together Merrily ever after. My one and only life partner:
I hope to meet my soulmate soon. I hope he is perfect in every way for me. I hope he is openminded, funny, respectful and kind. I hope he will give me foot massages and cuddle with me on cold nights.
I want a partner that is so rooted in the bossom of GOD; A partner that is in LOVE with GOD Who places GODs Desire infront of their own fleshly desires...  
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