Forgotten Love

The dust between us has settled but

My heart has rotted to rust

You say you love him with all your heart

And that you have been hit with a penetrating, sharp pointed love dart

Yet, all you feel for him is lust

Never have you set apart physical from emotional

But instead have mixed them so closely

That you’re confused and blind to beautiful true love which is an art

It is not about blow jobs, or the next person you can conquer

That love throws away your armored heart

And robs you piece by piece

Until you can’t discern what’s true and what is only for lease

Your heart eventually becomes like an old dried up lake

Lapping up any water for your thirst

Waiting for no one but you first

If you only would look at what’s right in front of you

True love, happiness, and peace

That you have been searching for, for weeks and weeks

All of it has been perched in the trees above, waiting to be seen

It’s not only your soul-mate in whom you left behind

But also your family you told to die

We all sit above and watch intently

Wondering if just maybe

Today will be your revolution

Today will be your awakening

Today, your eyes will open

But instead you keep marching on

Never looking back, or even caring

Eventually the hope wears off and we are left alone


When you finally realize we were there with you everywhere you went

It will be too late

Because, as of now

You are married to that one night date

From your new town

We did wait a long time, especially I

But we returned back to our depressing lives

And so we went, letting you live your lie

Until you come crying and screaming for us to take you back

Only to pack, and retreat again

We are tired of being stepped on

We are no longer going to bend to your will

I’m sorry my love

But I have kept an “us”

for too long

This is the last time I say you are wrong

And instead just say, goodbye and leave you there

In the cold, harsh winter air

Never again will I see your beautiful face

Or have the pleasure of your lips taste

My broken heart to this day still winces at the thought of your face

But I have put up a barrier, a wall, and a fence

Keeping those thoughts staying within

They claw trying to get out

And I try so hard not to pout

I put on a smile and fake through the day

Keeping thoughts of you, tucked away

I miss you my darling, don’t get me wrong

But “our” love song

Is totally gone

After reading this I hope you’ll have more to say

And maybe even come, and actually stay

Until then, keep marching on my dear

And remember to never succumb to your fear

For I and your beloved are always with you, during all your years

Watching, with our eyes full of tears

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