Dilemna i

I often wonder what you think,
Do I love you enough for the both of us?
Or am I just a burden causing you to sink?
Heaven knows I only want the best for us.

You're the only one in years in whom I've placed my trust.
And I love you not out of lust;
Though sometimes temptation causes a malfunction in a relationship,
but I'm the captain and thus prepared to die on this ship.

I vow to give you my undivided attention,
For my love for you goes to lengths farther than the ocean.
There's not many men who'd take a woman who already has a son.
Quite frankly they're scared, but when I'm with you I come alive like the rising sun.

So I accept this responsibility.
In hopes to start with you a family.
Oh yeah! We'll fight mostly,
but that's what they call love; infinity.

I know it looks like I've given up,
and all the words I said before I no longer say.
But I want to let you know I love you more each day.
And yes we have our difference but I'll never disrespect you, I'll never give you up.

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