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I am from many places And attached to few I’ve seen many cities and schools And buildings and parks and hospitals And I haven’t even left Florida   From those places, come many sounds
I use every part of my senses when I'm with you: When I stare into your eyes, which shine brighter than any star When I touch you, feeling the warmness of your embrace When I kiss you,
I see you across the room and I have to know what your voice sounds like. I have to know what your touch feels like.
Life without vision, is life without mind, Ignorance can be bliss, but not of this kind, Monotonous, the journey, is the life of the blind, But even the visionless—sight, they may find,  
Open your eyes. Sit back and find a new perspective. Everything is moving so quickly, yet you don’t hear a sound.   Open your ears.
Noisy things are awesome
I watch you from a distance, but you don't know it.....
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