Purposeful Sentience: 5 Senses

Life without vision, is life without mind,

Ignorance can be bliss, but not of this kind,

Monotonous, the journey, is the life of the blind,

But even the visionless—sight, they may find,


The power of vision is an essential key,

But what I desire is not capacity to see,

I want fire in my heart, to feel a strong steady glow,

For without that light, no fruits of labor may grow,


Close enough to taste, though doubt makes hard to hear,

Future successes, become muddled by smell of fear,

Lack of vision leaves a cowardly void to be filled,

But courage and ambition makes one hard to be stilled,


See, vision provides a perceived planned path,

But plans whither, hearing destiny’s last laugh,

Whether guided by vision or the touch of an invisible hand,

Without senses and vision makes a blind, invisible man,


A desire to desire... vision is my life’s greatest need,

Growing with purpose requires vision as a seed. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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