I am from many places

And attached to few

I’ve seen many cities and schools

And buildings and parks and hospitals

And I haven’t even left Florida


From those places, come many sounds

That will follow me forever

I’ve heard laughter and crying

And screaming and singing and cursing

And yet my ears are so small


From those sounds, come many aromas

That still make my nose twitch

I’ve smelled cologne and perfume

And grass and chlorine and pavement

And my nose is not big yet


From those smells, come many tastes

That I can still feel on my tongue

I’ve tasted dirt and blood

And tears and sweat and hair

And yet my taste buds haven’t fully developed


From those tastes, come many textures

That still linger with my handprint

I’ve felt blankets and concrete

And skin and water and carpet

And my hands haven’t grown yet


From all my senses, I have learned many things

And made many mistakes

I’ve learned to think and play

And work and paint and sing

And I’m not even eighteen yet

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