racial prejudice

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Cops, rocks, locksMothers weeping, brothers seekingA gone sibling, friend or daughterFamilies, sirens and preachers wailin’-Howling, blubbering, sobbingBut Luther King said keep on prayin’.  Burnt, beaten, blastedThose 4 dead bodies layAn’ 23 more
We are a "friendly city"; So proclaimed the big white sign. Please stay as long as you would like,
To be racist Is to discriminate towards a race. To feel superior due to your exterior, To believe that others should feel inferior, Just for being them.   It’s being prejudice purely for pigmentation,
  to survive in your skin in this dead place   you participate in humor that allowed them to see you
I dream of a world without discrimination, Where peace exists and happiness is the definition of life.
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