Questions for the White collective

To be racist

Is to discriminate towards a race.

To feel superior due to your exterior,

To believe that others should feel inferior,

Just for being them.


It’s being prejudice purely for pigmentation,

(What’s that about?)

It’s to be bitter.

Even though you aren’t shit,

You aren’t worth it,

What right do you have?


To be racist

Can apply to anyone.

Despite common believe,

Racist people isn’t one race.

No it’s not the case,

That a racist equals white.


So why?

Why do I see ‘Questions for White People?’

(33 to be exact

Or 24 I don’t recall)

When the questions are for a racist.


To me it seems the word seems lost.

But it’s not subjective,

It’s not up for interpretation.

Anyone can qualify.

Or so I thought.

All the spaces are apparently filled.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I must of saw a Buzzfeed video a while back which I didn't really like that much and wrote a poem about it and thought why not post it now. It was meant to highlight my dislike for the questions they asked to a white person as many implied that they was racist and make me think why some carry on as if they are one in the same. Which I don't agree with at all and sounds ignorant to me. But hey, I maybe I don't know anything to loool 


Its not the color of your skin, ITS THE WAY YOU ACT.  Black people have always 

used the color of thier skin as an excuse. Its called acting civilized not acting white. Grow up

\black people.


Its not the colour of your skin that what?
The way you act what?
Used colour as an excuse...for what?
I'm sorry but I am alightly confused by what your on about. I'm not sure I'm understanding what you're saying so could you please expand.

Are you saying that I was saying the reason people act towards black people  in the way they do is because of their skin when in reality it's the way they act?

Hopefully It came across that the title wasnt in the literal sense. The questions was not really for the 'white collective' I was trying to get across that I dont like when people ask question for a whole race. I'm against the way people say 'you' and black people' in the manner as you have done. You say 'you' which is directed at me (I think). But you don't know if I am black do you? Or maybe you do I dont know.

I don't even remember saying black at all.

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