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Wir wissen nicht Wenn wir uns verabschieden Denn morgen Gehört nur Gott im Himmel Wir wissen nicht
Nou pa konnen Lè nou di orevwa Paske demen Se pou sèlman Bondye nan syèl la Nou pa konnen Si se pa yon dènye vizyon
Nós não sabemos Quando dizemos adeus Porque amanhã Só pertence a Deus no céu Nós não sabemos Sobre o último olhar
We come We roam And we go That’s all we know.   We come on earth We roam, we surf
Grandma’s always got a “helpful remark.” She once told Sarah that she finally looked like a girl,             and it only took her twelve years. But I suppose this is her love language,
Snow fell yesterday And today leaves the bushes low to the ground I read to myself his remembrances Bound in his brother’s handmade book   I can never be certain what made him So celestial to us
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