2014 You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam

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Your heart's as cold as the weather outside Mine's as hot as D.G. Fahrenheit You never bothered to try to make steam You never once thought of me in your dreams I hoped an epiphany would cause you to wake
Sickness of Hormones set free Nothing felt so extraordinary Sensuality jails shame Rocket soars high to endless skys   Her waterfell It was painfully great for the first time
If I lived in The Bay I'd live day by day In Atlanta New York or Maine. But, you see, in L.A. There's no time to play. In college, I work every day Just to stay.
Ironic that my daddy said the very same thing. It is all up to you now, girl. I did everything I could. Put a roof over your head
You told me that if I could breathe
I've been called an ordinary girl my color runs deep With sandy brown hair and rose colored cheeks
All I ask for is great company when I feel ALONE , because this feeling is empty &
The cool mist air Covers the acres of fields.
Where I’m From I am from the beach, where sunlight makes the water shimmer and the sand sparkle like a thousand tiny jewels.
The first time I met death, it passed me like clockwork I watched as it lingered on my aunt, as though memorizing her features Everyone had seen it coming, its apparatus drifting from room to room
What is a plantation? Not a field with a house, Not a big white man and his lovely spouse Not a black here and here And there and there Blacks everywhere Working Sweating under the moon
I have experienced flightWings gave me strengthOpportunities floated in the blue skyI reached I walked through fireTemptations beckoned me
I write to show the intricacies of human life, to show the natural illogicality of humanity. I write to influence. I write to understand. I write to influence. I write to understand.
Is it stealing if it's already stolen Is it breaking if it's already broken Is it trying when it's already been tried
One nation Under God Indivisible With liberty and justice for all The biggest lie ever told
Prove to me how worthless I really am. Insult me Point out every single flaw As if I didn't notice each and every imperfection. Like the mirror doesn't already scream with hatred.
Why do we hate? Why do we judge others? Why do we doubt ourselves? Why do we find comfort in fear? Is it easier to hate than love? Is it easier to embrace pain than it is to search for happiness?
You serve our country You make me proud I praise you for you are not ashamed of who you are and what you believe you're a shinning star you stand out I thank you for your actions
You tear me from side to side, Leaving bones yet still they move, Leaving me skinless with a heart still beating, Giving life once more to myself, Vessels of blood flowing through, Once Again.   
I'm a woman On the outside I'm normal Just like you   You've been mistaken
a flower bloomed from the abyiss of shame a dark little flower that lacked even a name it was not watered or nourished ith sun so the dark little flower repeled what was good but then one day a gardener came
The stranger listens He prowls for her innocence  Which birthed a nightmare  
If the walls fall down, if forever learns to end, if terror strikes today, will I learn to love again. If a dream can wake you up, if a bird can learn to fly, if joy can bring tears, than why do I fight.
Her family saw her failure, yet they failed to see the light that shines from her eyes. “Hopeless” “Failure” “Asshole” “Liar” The words consumed her, she forgot herself, and she forgot who could save her.
Its been a year, who would have known , How fast it would have pasted. To think that I went one year,
I hate myself for how I seem stable Although to reside I am unable The lies I don’t say but somehow deem Unintended things still mark my lost way   And I wish someday to sway
Work, work, work like a busy bee.All this to obtain an education for me.Studying by day, working by night.Doing all this so my future dreams take flight.Would you like a refill miss?
Why I love coins is not just because of history, but a simple thought of who's hands they have passed through is a mystery. If I acquired a coin from the early 1790's, this coin could have once been in George Washingtons grasp,
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