It Could All Change

The world is one,

From daughter to son,

Mother to brother,

Father to sister,

Miss to mister,

Can’t you understand we all fit in the picture?

From life to death mistakes are done

Live to tell someone

Love is but an emotion

Felt at times while hate is always

Strung up to fill hallways

It’s said that death consumes all

At your home or in the mall

It stares you down

From just one, to the whole damn town

Saving lives is a mission

From the flu to people going missing

I’m not talking about being superman

I’m talking about doing what you can

HIV is faceless without fear

Taking away those you hold dear

We can spend a lifetime debating the reasons

But HIV stays the same no matter the seasons

Like one minute or even one day

Imagine the lives you could save

All the way from East Los to Beijing

You must do just one little thing

It’s as simple as a smile, that brightens ones’ day

So it leaves me one thing to SAY……




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