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COLOURS Dear mr strive hard Have you been losing your colours Till you are now a shade of black Are the forces nature acting on you Tying you down in the blues Dear mr mystery
Is it worth it, For people to only know me by my "shyness", My looks,  My sarcasm,  Not even knowing my name Or my brain for that matter And how I know that
Life is tough I must admit. Motivation, determination, it drives me not to quit. When life gets hard I keep my head up, even though im just a kid I act like a grown up.
I wish I never woke up.
Life's a struggle, but I manage to stand on my feet for the ones that look up to me.
I'm told to pick something to change. What possibly could it be? Would I choose more peace? Mean judgments to cease? I simply cannot see.   Some say that appearance matters.
               Somtimes in life it seem's you take two steps forward and get knock back three 
Life. Sometimes it works, and then it doesn't.
I believe in the innocence of a child The freedom of a kid The choices of a teenager The maturity of an adult
  The apostle Paul, in the first book of Corinthians and the thirteenth chapter said: "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a
Dear Struggle,  Why do you love me? 
Rebirth  We are all born with a sense of luck and charn
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