We are all born with a sense of luck and charn

Born for a reason and created to tell a story

A story tha will teach us who we are 

story that will change our world dramatically 

And gradually change the youth

Though always knowing that life isnt a walk in a park 

It's more then I can take

More of a maze that have many turns and tricks that will test my being

Test my strengths my courage

It will take me to many dead ends and throw my faith away

My beliefs will be tested 

Cut down to the heart of my hope

No matter what, I always fall and sink down to pit of darkness

Slowly losing power of the melody of my voice

More tears will be drawn out from my withering soul

Can't help but be consume by this darkness within myself

Hold it up to the temples of my exits and pull the trigger

Slit the veins that keep me warm when I no longer have anyone to hold 

But I hit the climax and the resolution begins

The darkness draws back and the light covers me with it's warmth

Enlightens the strength that fought back to my fall

Growing out of the addiction the depression the lies the death

I am reborn

Learning to walk away from the door that was open to me

Learning to speak for myself

Seeking for the pieces to the puzzle that have a part of my luck and charm 

Pieces that tell my story

A story that one-day as a doctor, teacher, mother, and sister will teach the youth 

Of the struggles of our reason to live 



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