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In the beginning I always considered myself to be like Sherlock Holmes Logical, a little impractical, stubborn, and Alone. Not by anything other than choice of course. But alone nonetheless  
Problems Modern questions Things for solving Some quandaries for unwinding Queries   Puzzles Of everything
Who am I? Is that really the question? No, that can’t be. The real question is this: Who could I be?   Somedays I’m King Arthur, strong and fair A man of valor sitting in equality’s chair
What a feeling it must be, To fall and tumble and fly so free. To fling yourself from a rooftop high, To call your friend and say goodbye.   And beware the man, dressed in black. Holding a gun.
Elementary! Mrs. Hudson took my skull Oh, do your research
Lights flashingMechanics whirringThe Doctor's come at last Time passingColors blurringThe Doctor's coming fast
Dark Mysterious
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