The Game Is On

The expectation of letting go

Letting it in. Breathing, and 1, 2,

3. It consumes you within.

Tally the points,

Mark the score and in the end

receive your badge of honor. Your

trophy in need of context.


A shiny jewel to build your nest with- to

keep the chickadees warm.

Tweet tweet tweet

They twitter on back and forth,

At the end of winter, you rise forth towards the-

luring warmth of day

Only to forage once again.


A shiny jewel to build your nest with- to

hide away underneath the layers of

gold, that shines brightly in the shimmer of the day

but fades in the face of the moonless night.

With no light to shine,

No score to keep

The bird tweets on, to see

who still keeps.



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