Lights flashing
Mechanics whirring
The Doctor's come at last

Time passing
Colors blurring
The Doctor's coming fast

Adventures many
Tales untold
We're off to save the universe

Creatures, crazies
Friends and foes
We get to be the first

Big Ben
Here we are in Londontown

Murder, intrigue
One man knows where it's found

Sherlock Holmes
With Dr John
We sought them out to help them win

Scotland Yard
We've come along to cease their sin

One journey done
The next begins
Two brothers need assistance

Civil wars
We know just why they picked us

Saving people
Hunting things
All part of the family biz

Bobby, Sammy
Cas and Dean
When they step in, everybody lives

One more stop                                                                                                                                                Along our road
A trip way back in time

Dragons, Kings
Wizards, Druids
A young boy on call at the drop of a dime

Arthur, Gwen
Merlin, Morgana
All must learn their place

Greatest king
To rule on earth
Renowned through time and space

Colors changing
Time returning
The Doctor must move on

Mechanics cracking
Lights burning
Your Doctor now is gone



:) This is pretty cool. I like it. <3

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