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I love to fish bass. The blue fleck power worm kills. The large bass is caught.  
Strumming my guitar. Plucking my bass. Pressing keys on the piano. My mind is tellin' me that I had to be a ace. Feelin' the rhythm, through the music notes. Shoving my music down people's throats.
Take a breath, no actaully take two Everytime you smile, my breath got short You was a strong ass drug on me, that snort  I haven't seen a lot but you was the true One for me, two makes me and you in one car
The most prized item that is in my possession is one that has taught me many things It taught me patience, passion, and art It taught me to work hard It taught me to organize It taught me persistence
I hear it, my body takes over.My foot uncontrollably leads the way.The beat tapping on my attention like Morse code.
I was never one for sports though an active child.
Flawless Music   I retain all these faults that could make me flawless, I can write rhymes, tell the time, though I really shouldn’t floss less.
you are by Damon Dixon   you are powerful beyond belief
I used to keep music close to my body, Near to my heart, near to my soul. But music did not want to sit upon my shoulder, No, she wanted lean against my person and be my equal in size. She wanted me
Let the beat resonate,  let it ring through your head like it's the only sound you have ever known, because the higher you bump that bass the easier it is to drown your thoughts. 
There once was a blonde girl whose color came from a bottle, She was quite scrawny like the body of a model, She'd never say that or admit to it all, But it was true- her size was not fair at all.  
A simple butterfly before you start The sweaty palms and warming up. All your worries and fears come flying in
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