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My love  You have come  Without words Tongue less in the night  You see me but I cant  I've been bestowed a couple of times but never by a  goddess  Your crippled hands stretch 
I am bittersweet, Bittersweet and scared. I am unable to let go Of all my fears. Interested in the journey, But very wary of the road, I'm worried by upcoming decisions
It seems as if we're in a circle
I am open to the world  a smell of fresh cut summer grass circulating the air like silk
Once in a while I'll admit The bathroom is the perfect place for tears The darkest shadows are filled with light The deepest holes are inches deep The thickest blaknet won't cover
I've dreams of where nothing but joy, love, and knowledge exist. Followed by a sudden wake and a burst of reality. The crop that you grow is the one that you step on. You may not see it, may not acknowledge what you do.
I have red lips from blood
Brown like a beautiful book of stories. Everything you told me. In this life I thought I would believe. A romance, a sparkle and a diamond ring. For that moment we were together. I thought that you would be.
Three hundred thirty minutes A jaunt taken with no regards for today A moment of deep agony- As blissful fragments of our Memorable memories routinely recapitulate This ability to hold in the mind
You convinced me to love you with the illusion of it being mutual. 
Disability.  The lack of an ability.  A table with a missing leg.
It's time to let go and let God, literally you're blind without faith cause it's the source in which you see, it leads your intuition and utilizes ambition, faith creates an image so we can imitate Jesus,
The Cycle   Pain keeps us afloat. Pain keeps us sane. It allows us to feel something. Without pain, there is no love. Without love, there is no sacrifice.
Connections I make The faces I take for granted Moving with purpose Showing only surface gestures Of good will I hope to fill a void Every step brings me further
It's funny how beautiful things sometimes reside in the most polluted areas, It's actually one of the most deceitful things in the world and it's sad yet it's true that i always end up falling in love in these places of poverty.
Stuff you can't say to your teacher is...  hello your class is very boring & half of your class is snoring You're not teaching the material right & I hate the way you write Your breath really smells
I wandered around for as long as I could rememberSpring, Summer, Fall, WinterOops! Did I just messed up on the sequence of seasons?Oh yes I did! Now what can you do to me,O great teacher?
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