The Cycle

The Cycle


Pain keeps us afloat.

Pain keeps us sane.

It allows us to feel something.

Without pain, there is no love.

Without love, there is no sacrifice.

Without sacrifice, there are no lessons to be learned.

Lessons show us the mistakes made.

Mistakes help prevent the same mistakes to be made in the future.

The pain of loss shows us we cared.

We end up reverting to thing of pain and loss to feel something…



I have a pain in the depths of my being.

It overtakes me.

Consumes me till there’s nothing left.

Prohibits the happiness and joy that I deserve.

I think back to what caused this pain, and realize…

It was you.

You were the one who made me the happiest.

But you were also the one who broke me.

We end up reverting to thing of pain.

Whether it be mutilation, substances or love.

Everything comes back to love, doesn’t it?


It all comes back to you…





I realized one day that love and life is like a cycle, and you have to break the cycle in order to live your life how you want to. 

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