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It feels deep; a sea or an ocean maybe! No ground beneath; I'm drowning. I'm drowning. I feel going down with every effort, going in vain. These weights make it hard to get back up, Oh! These chains!
She lived a perfect life Lovely home & a loyal wife. And a night of storm; her world shook No one even cared to have a look. His nails undressing her pride, His failure revealed his monstrous side.
'Thud', pushing the door open, I storm into my house. Running, trembling. As fast as I could, I'm shivering, babbling.
     No One Will Hold Me Down No One. No One. no one Let Me Say This Once More No One Will Hold Me Down  Not Even My Own Mother Who Do They Think I Am? I Can Do Anything
“Fourteen” by Alliyah Fabijan                                     I am              14     14           14                               14     14           14           14     14 14 14 14
If together we pushed aside our hate, we can awaken the serenity inside us all
Words. I would change the awful words that spills like vomit from your mouth. I would change the ugliness of the world. I would outlaw derogitory terms, hateful phrases, cold shoulders, tears...
Drugs Drugs Drugs   Prosperity
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