It feels deep; a sea or an ocean maybe!
No ground beneath;
I'm drowning. I'm drowning.
I feel going down with every effort, going in vain.
These weights make it hard to get back up, Oh! These chains!
With every breath I take, water fills in.
It's getting harder to survive.
My eyes are burning, can't see right.
I'm deep enough to see the bottom; but not enough to lose the light.
I'm trying hard to move only to realise that I'm going down and down.
I'm drowning. I'm drowning.
Something flashes; I can't make out what.
Maybe some light or some torch.
I see a figure moving; I see something; a person, a girl swimming.
I stretch out my hands, wanting to be saved.
It's freezing cold down here, the warmth of light relieves the bare it falls upon.
I'll be saved. That's all I want.
Someone's coming to save me, to take me where I belong.
The girl is now close enough, pulls me, takes me up.
The girl looks familiar. Someone I see daily.
I'm out of the water, now; I catch my breath, painting.
The girl, now, seems to have disappeared.
I wanna meet her, thank her!
But she's nowhere to be seen.
I close my eyes to remember her face;
Only to realise it was Me!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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