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Mirrors Burst in the brightness of his Laugh, His face was shining like a Crystal under his Endless tears, flowing down his Cheeks like a River, the porcelain skin of his and the full pink lips hiding the dark, His crystal white teeths covered in
Exsanguination    Footfalls fast but not as strong as my heart. I rush and curb the corner of buildings. Running out of breath and out of time.
The daytime dreamer is always so beautifully alive in her mind. But, she looks so cold - on the outside; like an aged book with a cracked spine.
With velvet skin as white as snow Give her that red stuff and watch her glow The seven dwarfs are there to help
Skin as white as snow Hair as black as night Lips as red as ruby But do you know the fright? You know the name Snow White, she's called But all of her fame, The credit is wrong
An outbreak of an illness may cause several people harm to those who surround the infected. The case began with students on a campus who visited the informatory at the same time, as these students suspected
Blood I rarely abstain No pain Nip sip drain till they're slain
Boy, I seen the way that you stare at me With that big dopey smile and those awestruck eyes You try to get my attention many ways Boy, you don’t know what you are getting into  
For the life of you, will you just go out in the sun? While you’re at it too, stop doing stupid stuff so your vampire boyfriend will have to come save you! He should have left the moment you sat down in Biology.
Throat ripped clean Jagged fangs go open Eyes widen gleam Blood flows free Throat cut through Pulse times two Fangs sink deep  Drink into sleep
Teeth bared in the moonlight As blood drips down her face The look on his face is priceless,
This darkness my mother My coffin her womb This lifetime a funeral Eternity my tomb   Like the full moon amidst the night I am darkness hiding in plain sight
Lets kiss the sun goodbye and fly through the night the air's cold as ice i hope you wont  mind just take my hand, hold real tight dont let go, grip for your life trust me please, and i'll take a bite
I love the girl with the vampire bite
vampire is what they call me with teeth gleaing white and a freezing touch we have a hunger that burns deep i wont take much till you fall asleep 4/26/13 CNA
Can he hear my heart beat? Can he hear me breathing? Is he overflowing A desire that’s been seething Why is he so deathly charming
Gone with the wind, my soul Humanity has all but left With the first taste of blood that hit my lips Anger and self-loathing hit me fully. Her welcoming smile, her warm gaze
Dark-eyed princess in my bed our senses are afire Lightning flashes through my head Tasting her desire
Bitten, so smitten- Sired, desired. Crimson life calls to him, Whether beauty or not he is a sin, Of deadly proportions- He’ll twist and distort The truths of reality, Unravel your mentality.
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