You Should of Listened to Me

Boy, I seen the way that you stare at me

With that big dopey smile and those awestruck eyes

You try to get my attention many ways

Boy, you don’t know what you are getting into


You say that you are Romeo and that I am your Juliet

That we are meant to be together, that fate predestined it

You say that I am your rose, because I am as lovely as one

Boy, didn’t anyone tell you that a rose has thorns?


You think that I am all this and that

But listen here now when I tell you this

It’s best if you keep your distance

For this rose has many thorns


My heart is as black as night

I am a seductress, a creature of the night

I can drain of your blood in a second

I am a vampire as you humans call us


So you better stay far, far away

For your blood might tempt me one day

So watch out, and stay away

For I might one day decide that your blood is better than your life


Two weeks later, you still stuck around

You followed me like a lost puppy dog

I tried to make you go away and get lost

But you were stubborn and hardheaded as I don’t know what


You got a paper cut the day that you gave me a present

I remember the smell of your sweet smelling blood

It reminded me of the forest and fresh rain

I lost control that day, and I remember launching myself at you


I sunk my teeth into your long neck

Draining you of your life rapidly and unhestitantly

While drinking your sweet tasting blood

You whimpered and screamed, but I paid you no heed

Your blood was way more important to me than your life at that moment

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