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Gone too far from your glory. Often believed in my own story. Day by day, my path began to darken. Involved in all the wrong deals. Soon, I began to realize what I had sacrificed. God, I need your grace. Openly I accept you with obedience. On ever
She was blowing just one candle of the cake , but the ancient serpent wasn't having it. He had seen the mark, the anointing and power bestowed on her.
“My Awakening” Waking up everyday My life has not been the same; I got that voice in the back of my head
I surrender. I am a winner. I have won Your love. I have won Your approval. I surrender myself to You. I am a writer because You made me a writer, I write for You.
Im a fool
She is full of compassion Poker-faced to hide her emotion Magentic charm that draws them near like bees to honeypot, it is seen so clear Some call her a chameleon  Camouflaged with every story
                                  To be a believer, you have to follow your dreams                                                  You have to chase your dreams
So as I type what I did last night don't judge me Don't judge me because everyone sin and nobody’s perfect Talking about sin... that's what i committed
I’ve always wanted to speak out, Except I never really knew how, But with the power of poetry and #YOWO, Maybe my time is now.   I want to clear some things up, Regarding my religion.
I walk in, a cold shiver I see a monk to my left And a soda machine to my right How will I attend god's holy light By flight, By flight Today is how I will be under God's ligh
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