She Is Anything and Everything But Basic


She is full of compassion

Poker-faced to hide her emotion

Magentic charm that draws them near

like bees to honeypot, it is seen so clear

Some call her a chameleon 

Camouflaged with every story

Fits right in, but will always worry

How to overcome her timidity and her doubts

if her fears get the best of her, then she'll pout

Shutting herself off from others, wondering why she's lonely

Covers her shyness and vulnerability

with wisecracks, but it's just a cloak of protection

worn to hide to hesitation

But she's in touch with her spiritual side

Like the two fish swimming freely in the ocean tides

She goes with the flow, doesn't make waves

All of her thoughts she saves

For her time spent in her lush dream world

Treasures the place like an emerald

She has dificulty distinguishing fact from fantasy

She feels it's a tragedy to go back to reality

But she will take on the world for her unfinished journey

It is where she rules the feet, making her dance

She is flexible due to her mutable performance

She is gentle and shy, only opening up to show her talents in music

She is anything and everything but basic

She is caring and romantic, overflowing with love

Will help others over herself, she rises above

Her feeling of sensibility wins people over

Add all of these traits and you'll discover 

The girl with the motto 'I Believe'

And ambition to go out and achieve

Is the Pisces

I am the Pisces

This is me


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