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I can do all things through Christ
I know the difference between a hero, And being a complete zero. Unnoticed is how you lived, You had so much to give. You loved even me, Now your soul is completely free.
Respect is a way to connect. Respect is a way to reset. Respect is something people should all do. Don't be unrespectful. Be respectful. To your Parents, Grandparents, and even your friends.
It was pouring rain on the day you left me. I didn't want to say goodbye, but I knew this country needed you. We listened to the radio, not knowing what to say. There was a chance you wouldn't return to me.
When the Troops came home, we just stood there... Watching them salute to some of the heartless glares. You could tell they wanted to break down; but they couldn't, they're soldiers; there's no need for a frown.
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