I Know The Difference


I know the difference between a hero,

And being a complete zero.

Unnoticed is how you lived,

You had so much to give.

You loved even me,

Now your soul is completely free.

You weren't just my cousin Darren,

You, my brother, have left this world barren.

I've always admired you;

Other people felt the same way, too.

Always placing others before yourself,

That's an accomplishment for the trophy shelf.

You took the place of a friend,

He knew on you he could depend.

I guess the Navy was the place to be,

Even though you're not with me.

You left this world and now I know,

It's not my fault you had to go.

I blamed myself for your death,

I pained my every breath.

A great realization has came,

And now I know I'm not to blame.

I love you with all my heart,

And with your soul I'll never part.

Rest in Peace, Brother.

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