Service of the Heart


I can do all things through Christ
like taking a chance and rolling the dice

Because its this game we play called life.
In this game we must serve through Christ.
So let me show you and be precise.

A helping hand is what we lend to those in need
If you don't believe me take the bible and read.

The word is like a growing seed, better yet it's like a solid creed.


And the prayers we pray are like a strong plead.

And serving is to feed.
to feed the soul that has grief.
that need some help with it's belief.

You have to dig deep to see what's underneath.
It's like searching for a mermaid in the big blue sea.

But let me tell you the power to serve is within me, and it is like a strong, growing tree.

Longing to come out, it's a scream that is a plea!

I want to serve my God, my Father Faithfully



Praise the One who has saved me from death!

Excited for the ministry of this poem. Praying for all who read and dissect it.

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