The Bar code on my wrist does not define my strength or my worth

I won't let bruises decide my fate.

Ill grip my sorrows, tight. As if I were trying to take the air out of them.

I won't let them create knots in my throat that make me feel like drowning

I will push and paddle until my sides are cramping

when the waves hit me hard, and ill feel like sinking like a broken ship

ill let my insecurities go down with the wreck

The salted water will burn in my wounds, only to leave the marks of what I've been through

I am a warrior

when reminding myself I am, beautiful feels like a war

I will not use my weapons against myself

TV and Magazines do not know what beauty is.

Beauty is in my eyes of sun flowers and rosy cheeks

I am spring

I am life

I am Happiness and sadness

I am lovely

I am fascinating

My roots tell stories that stretch far beyond crumbling surfaces and my misplaced pieces.

I am a light breeze, A roaring typhoon.

I am growing, rejuvenating.

taking the world by storm.

tears can not be compared to raindrops but ill stil catch them on my palms..

and ill hold them.

I am strong.

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