Worth it

I drift in and out of sadness 
Explode with manic madness
I can't control your love
Or make you wish you had this 
But it's sad - this
Bottomless hunger
Heart -  banging like thunder
Sitting up at night 
My mind's just filled with wonder
You don't deserve to be a memory
Once you stopped being a friend to me
We played on the same team
Now you're against me like an enemy 
Like the rest of them
Chest to chest with them
With the best of them 
There's nothing left of him
It's like you hate monogamous 
It's all the way preposterous
Pushed away perfection 
Now tell me what your option is?
Are they gonna be there for you? 
Because I was something rare to you
Catered to your spirit
You wanted to get married boo
Are you really a man?
You're probably in the closet 
I was everything you needed
But your attention couldn't deposit 
Catch me smiling through success 
I'm sure everybody heard it
Soon you'll look back on this
And realize, damn she was worth it 


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