Deep in the Mind of the Student

Here we go again.

I didn't do my homework.

Oh well.

What time is it?

Only five after.

Last night was fun.

What am I going to do tomorrow night?

I'm tired.

What time is it?

Nine after.

That guy is such a douche.

I hate him.

Why is it so cold in here?

What's today again?

Wednesday, damn.

I'm bored.

What are we talking about?

How much time has passed?

Twenty-two minutes. Or is it twenty-seven?

Forget it.

I can't read those stupid clocks.

Why can't we just have digital clocks?

What are we talking about?

I'm starving.

What am I going to eat later?

Burger sounds good, I guess.

What are we talking about? 

Her voice is so annoying.

These chairs aren't comfortable at all.

My butts hurts.

What's this in my teeth?

That idiot can't see me texting.

I'm too sneaky. #Rebel

What are we talking about?

Don't call on me.

Don't call on me.

Don't call on me.


What should I say?

Everyone's looking at me.

Just say anything.

"Is it 1,027?"

This is English class, genius.


I hate school.


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