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Feeding on the images in my own contemplation, mental orgasms leading to sinfully sensual stimulation. As your body calls, my body urges, caught up in temptation, as the storm surges, so ready to release and splurge.
From the ends of your lashes, to the tips of the toes in those shoes, i find myself infatuated, mesmerized by the colors of you. My eyes yearning for their Candy to be in view. What's between my thighs burning, thirsting for the passion in you.
Beautiful black diamond with a shine that puts the sun to shame. You glow like the translucent golden streets of Heaven what I should call you by name.
The matted carpet on my head Wreaks of oils and creams It shrinks up like a dried raisin in the sun And festers like a pus-filled boil   If it’s out and wild
I pray you see me.  I pray you see me as I see you.  Like the rays of the sun shining on the Earth.  Your light is the epitome of life.  Your light is a smile, a laugh; a true gift upon this land. 
When am I going to find that special girl were I can take away all her hurt, all her pain, I want to love her unconditionally and show her that all this pain and's over.
Savage Dreams   Get under the wings The wings of which my color was blocked and not redeemed I search for my colors love like a crack feen Only if Martin Luther King knew this dream.  
Ambiance of a king/ Aura of a God/ Mind of a hustler/ Thoughts of a poet/ When you're in the eyes of a writer, you're unsafe/ The stars in the sky guide me when the moon is non existing/
Sometimes when i look in your eye's I see the solar system other times when i look in your eye's it's like your soul is missing like night and day
This poem was written about someone dear to my heart.   To love you is to love all the good the world has to offer To love a human being without wanting any other option
Tingling sensations oing through my ear and your distinctive lips draws me near. Vibrations going through me bed. Is this love or lust instead? Wake up early in the morning and i'll be here
We are stuck in time, in a room alone.
Because a Queen is not a Queen without her King. A woe-man is nothing without man woe - suffering
I burned the American Flag.  Literally. I burned the American Flag and I recorded it on video. 
Your demeanor fooled me. Thug hood hard ass sending chills down  my spine I despised you at first glance
My Beautiful Black Queen
The moment can feel so right The moment can feel so bright The moment can feel like endless breath
Kinda sad how the media has most of us fooled. We are attracted to publicity and what looks to be cool.   Expensive brands that ride around in expensive cars, they seat women whom fill big bras...
I have this vision of myself at 24. Locked hair, maybe a tattoo. In outstanding health and shape. Cooking in my underwear and a tank top. Cooking something healthy like asparagus and salmon.  
Like those girls in the movies Where's my prince? That'll search how and low For the matching fit Like those girls in the movies Where's my point guard? That'll play me one on one
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