Colors of Passion

From the ends of your lashes, to the tips of the toes in those shoes, i find myself infatuated, mesmerized by the colors of you. My eyes yearning for their Candy to be in view. What's between my thighs burning, thirsting for the passion in you. Sinful how this snake is seeking to conquer, destroy, and devour. Searching for a home in your garden, refreshed by sweet sugary showers. Let me taste every single drip of honey from your flower. Let me lay down new laws inside your walls that defy physics. Let my hands be hungry lions chasing sensations all over the planes of your existence. Get drunk on my love and be stripped of any and all inhibitions. Caught up in the intoxication. In the words of Maxwell, we'll do this here until the cops are waiting. Knocking hard, like I am, at your door, ready to enter. Don't hesitate, and over contemplate, just lay your pretty body down on my plate. Let my tongue caress your feet after a long day. Let the sounds of your ocean be it's guide, as it climbs the mountains of your thighs. In search of a feast like one it's never known. Been searching for your heart, but until now it was never home. They say art imitates life...for tonight, let's make life imitate art.


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