In This Moment...


We are stuck in time, in a room alone. The world around us simply seems to freeze as we live in this moment.

His lips upon mine, such a gentle kiss.

Then, just as if it were like a single rose petal brushing against my skin, his fingers travel over the entirety of me ...awakening every part of me.

And his arms, just as the wings of an angel ...strong, beautiful, stretching wider than I ...they embrace me and instantaneously I feel in that moment that nothing, no one this world could harm me, could take me out this moment ...nothing or no one could penetrate the peace, the security I feel within these arms.

His eyes gazing into mine way down to my heart and through to my soul...looking at me with such admiration

I look away because for a split second I didn't believe what they told me. His hand rested upon the side of my face gently turns the attention of my own eyes back to his ...telling me, my heart, my soul  once again with that same admiration, only this time more intense then the first ...I see all of you, more than just the physical, and it is all beautiful to me. 

This is merely intimacy.

And just as I thought there was not a feeling more beautiful than what intimacy had offered me, it happened.

He whispers in my ear, ever so softly but still so strong ...he whispers 

I love you

And he pulls back to look me in my eyes, with that admiration ...that same admiration, there it is again ....looking at me, looking at my heart ...looking at my soul and he tells all three of us, of me

I'm in love with you.

There it is ...for the first time in my life ...I experienced the best feeling, the most superior of all things felt, much better than intimacy...

I felt, love and what it was like to live in love that moment, I knew what it felt like to love and be loved. I knew what it felt like for a thirst to truly be quenched, to know what it really was like to satisfy a craving I didn't know existed get hooked instantly and become an addict of love.

And ever since to this very day I have had this love, I have had this man, who are one in the same ...I have had it all in my life. And I will have for the rest of eternity. 



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