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Frivolous, and yet I'm strategic when I play chess,Trying to be honest and I'd be lying if I saidI'm oblivious and wasn't thinking of what happens next,I'm always looking a few moves ahead...
Dedicated to the 2016 Presidential Election People still wonder how could this happen. How could the Apprentice leave a job of acting. The most unqualified president ever? Maybe we should understand the game better.
 With great haste, the dark knight captures his foe Threat’ning the king, who’s turned white as a ghost. He escapes, but His luck is now His woe As His wife now falls, murdered at Her post.
 You admire chess In an echo booming society That’s out of the ordinary Extraordinary that you can
Remember me ? it has been a while since you last glarred you heaven blue eyes into my crystal clear soul  years since your devilish grin capture my glance Do you remeber me ? Take a seat, let me refresh your memory
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