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No sabía si mi amoroso corazón tenía una puerta Y este portal también tenía una cerradura dorada y una llave Para abrir el contenido de este órgano donde se almacenan
Cuando nos sentimos amados Nos sentimos absolutamente felices Queremos vivir para siempre.   No nos importan los bienes
I'm not crazy to think of you Since you are exquisitely charming With a smile and a sigh of joy and glee So I want to put myself under this tent
A beautiful Sunday afternoonAmid the summer breeze of a silent moonYou and I did enjoy a few scoopsOf our favorite dessert; oops, oopsWe hugged, kissed and teased each other
A sweet girl from Rema stole my heart I met her one day at the car mart Her beauty was like a work of art She was very kind to me at the start .
For Stacy-Ann .
My whole world from  the moment I met you changed,  and it would never be the same.  From the moment we kissed, From the moment I heard your name,  It was a mircle in the makin'  And I was the one takin' 
If I were to die today,  Would you, darling, be okay?  The love I feel For you is real And does not need a breath to stay.    If the heavens were to shake,  The earth beneath my feet to quake,
I’m so glad I found you Do you know why we found each other? It was destiny Long ago When we were still stars We touched Gently and lovingly And we were separated
Because I love you,      I knock on your door before every date rather than sending an "i'm outside" text; Because I love you,
Quintessence of beauty, you rule every heart, Queen of my dream you are, my loving partner, Your quixotic gestures create stunning energy, When clouds are thundering to strike our love.
The clouds are crumbling, dissolving, fallin' apart. Fallin' down,                     down. Bounce      off the birds, the planes,      it's super hard to see where they trace,
Theres nothing better than seeing your smile on an early morning Amoungst the chill weather I feel something else Your warm body warped around mine And its one of the best feelings in the world.
I loved you so much,Your feel.Your touch.The way you walked.The way you talked.I loved it all, so much.
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