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Sleep but not deep Mind awake but not complete Control of muscles Not in my control Haunted and horrified I feel paralysed Try my best to open my eyes Scream for help and move my hand
A smile on my friend's silly face, A warm, happy hug, an embrace A child's laughter and joy, And their play with a toy.   A simple meal and a chair, A kind word, not a stare,
On my commute to school, A man stands there between traffic. i am so curious, what should I do? Why does this image have to be so graphic?    Many people don't even see him, 
The thin layer of skin covering bone. The priviledged kids whining when they dont recieve their favorite food. The grumbling stomachs of children. The kids who eat until they are sick.
Trust is like a currency or a golden ticket. Giving it to that special someone, So they will stay and be your friend. Trust is something will live for and strive from.
I smile I laugh I joyously shout I hug I cry for them And they cry for me I help as best I can I pry for those who need the prying I hide for those who want the hiding
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