Happy and Warm

A smile on my friend's silly face,

A warm, happy hug, an embrace

A child's laughter and joy,

And their play with a toy.


A simple meal and a chair,

A kind word, not a stare,

A helping hand given,

Now that's livin'.


To tell my friend that she's pretty,

My bruh that he's chill,

To hold a door for a stanger,

And I get happier still.


No joy is greater for me,

Than to stand silently,

Watching love grow and lives blossom,

Helping with care, dignity.


Sure, being selfish is fun,

I feel good for a minute (or more)

But eventually, that all leaves you...

It's best to do good till you're sore.


So why not go help today?

If you're hurting inside: 

You may cry through your storm;

But soon, helping others...

You'll be happy.

And warm.


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